101 Dalmations Movie Review B-

Released: 1996

Starring: Glenn Close, & Jeff Daniels

Directed by: Stephen Herek

A real life adaption of the animated classic Walt Disney’s 101 Dalmatians.  An obsessed fur wearing woman (Close) kidnaps puppies in order to skin them for the perfect coat.  When Anita and Roger(Daniels) family pets Pongo and Perdie’s puppies go missing there is a massive search by human and animal kind.  When found in the evil Cuella DeVil’s clutches it is an all out war to free the captured puppies.

This is a cute family film for all ages. Glenn Close delivers a command performance as DeVil and captures the character as no one could.  This film blended real life and computer animation perfectly to depict the family of puppies.  This is a wonderful family night film filled with laughs and thrills

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