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Monkey Movie Review is a group of conscious movie buffs who enjoy all types of movies, films, and even TV shows. We pride ourselves on watching movies for the entertainment value only and not to be the judge and jury. Many movie buffs claim to enjoy movies end up being critical of every little thing. We on the other had are watching movies for the entertainment value only so a B-Rated horror film might get a great review from us. But we are not limited to not being critical there are tons of movie mistakes out in the world that we love to let people know about.

Here at Monkey movie review we want people to comment and let us know what they think about to movie or even our review our review we will never verbally abuse your comment but we may defend it. The main thing is to have fun and not take it personal!

Monkey Movie review can be your one stop shop to find out about movie before you watch it, or go see it in the theater. Most of our movies we find all over and we do not only limit ourselves to the block busters in the theater we would rather you come to our site and find something you see interesting then watch it for yourself.

Monkey movie review is primarily located in Riverside but we are always looking for other movie reviewers who wish to become a part of our family. You can always send us a movie review for us to post and as long as it is written well and you do not have a mouth of a sailor we will post it one your behalf.

Become a part of the Money Movie Review family! Become a fan of the site or become an author we welcome all!

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