Brought to my attention the original Karate Kid Series is out of order

Don’t get me wrong I love the original Karate Kid Movie series but it has been brought to my attention from another fan that the series is completely out of order.

In Karate kid one, Daniel Larusso moves to a new city and goes to a new high school where the bullies know Karate from an evil Dojo the Cobra Kai and gets man handled everyday at school. He receives help from his landlord Mr. Miyagi who teaches Daniel old school Karate and over comes the bullies in a city wide Karate tournament.

In Karate Kid II, Daniel travels with Mr. Miyagi to Okinawa because Miyagi’s father is dying, you learn about Mr. Miyagis past as Daniel gets pulled in to a fight with Chozen, who is Mr. Miyagi’s nemesis Sato’s nephew in an Okinawa death match for honor and a girl. Let me rephrase Okinawa DEATH MATCH where there are huge crevasses in the earth that can kill you if you fall in them!

In Karate Kid III, Daniel comes home to California where the Cobra Kai instructor John Kreese wants revenge on Daniel because after the first Karate Kid and the heavy loss in that tournament his gym in on the verge of closing. So he received help from a close friend Terry Silver and his protege student Mike Barnes to force Daniel to fight again in the KK1 Karate Tournament and to win back the Dojo’s honor while punishing Daniel physically. Daniel is scared to fight Mike Barnes and in the tournament.

Okay with the quick over view, why the hell is Daniel afraid or a Karate tournament in Karate Kid 3 he just came back from an Okinawa death match in the 2nd karate Kid! Does this make sense to anyone? If you went into the military and got shot at, would you be scared if you came back home and played paintball with some bullies? I am pretty sure this is a cake walk now, again… Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the Karate Kids and at the time it was the height of cool kid movies but who ever produced these movies should really put them back in a correct order, or maybe in the 3rd movie should of added a little more danger. Anyways that is just my opinion.

Oh and the Karate Kid: Next Generation… DOESN’T EXIST!!!

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