“Let Me In” 2010 Movie Review

A young boy who lives in small apartments with his drunken separated mother meets a new friend, a strange girl who says they can not be together. The boy Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee) has even a harder life with extreme bullies who refuse to leave him alone and causing Owen physical harm day to day. This […]

28 Days (2000) Movie Review

Released: 2000 Starring: Sandra Bullock, Viggo Mortensen, & Dominic West Directed by: Betty Thomas After Gwen Cummings(Bullock) shows up to and ruins her sister’s wedding while drunk then crashes a stolen limousine she is sentenced to a substance rehab center for 28 days.  Although she feels that she does not have a problem she soon […]

Eat Pray Love movie review A-

Eat Pray Love (PG-13) Starring: Julia Roberts Directed by: Ryan Murphy Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) has the perfect life,  a handsome husband, a fantastic career, a lovely home.  But one night she gives everything up to find herself and to embark on a 3 stop journey to do it.  Meeting new friends, seeing new places, […]

Brought to my attention the original Karate Kid Series is out of order

Don’t get me wrong I love the original Karate Kid Movie series but it has been brought to my attention from another fan that the series is completely out of order. In Karate kid one, Daniel Larusso moves to a new city and goes to a new high school where the bullies know Karate from […]

The Fighter 2010 gets an A+ Review

“The Fighter” is about “Irish” Micky Ward’s (Mark Wahlberg) life as a boxer and the extreme hurdles in his life he had to endure. An over barring mother who is his manager, 6 sisters that seem to do more harm than good, and a drug addict brother named Dick Eklund (Christian Bale). The only one […]