“RoboGeisha” Movie Review: Absolutely Ridiculous, and Absolutely Brilliant!

Two sisters named Yoshie and Kikue Kasuga are orphans who live by themselves, Kikue is a Geisha, and Yoshie is a clumsy geisha’s attendant. Both become smitten by a man named Hikaru Kageno who ask them to come over for dinner and become his prisoner to serve the rest of their lives as Robot Geisha Assassins who are one […]

Hunter Prey 2009 Movie Review

The starship Prometheus falls out of orbit with a escort crew and one dangerous prisoner. At the crash landing site a small group of survivors are looking to re-capture their important alien prisoner alive. With nothing but 3 soldiers armed to the teeth they must try to recapture their alien prisoner alive, but it proves […]

“Let Me In” 2010 Movie Review

A young boy who lives in small apartments with his drunken separated mother meets a new friend, a strange girl who says they can not be together. The boy Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee) has even a harder life with extreme bullies who refuse to leave him alone and causing Owen physical harm day to day. This […]

Tron: Legacy – Review Earns a Solid B+

Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) goes missing and 20 years later Alan Bradley receives a message on his pager from Flynn from the old Flynn’s Arcade Office. Flynn’s son, Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) goes back to the old arcade to find his father only to be transported to the Grid, the computer world where Flynn visited […]