Due Date (2010) Movie Review

Due Date is about a man named Peter (Robert Downey Jr.) who  is a high strung Architect who is having his first born baby with his wife. While in an airport getting ready to fly across the country to see his first born he meets a bumbling odd man named Ethan (Zack Galifianakis) who ruins […]

The Fighter 2010 gets an A+ Review

“The Fighter” is about “Irish” Micky Ward’s (Mark Wahlberg) life as a boxer and the extreme hurdles in his life he had to endure. An over barring mother who is his manager, 6 sisters that seem to do more harm than good, and a drug addict brother named Dick Eklund (Christian Bale). The only one […]

Tron: Legacy – Review Earns a Solid B+

Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) goes missing and 20 years later Alan Bradley receives a message on his pager from Flynn from the old Flynn’s Arcade Office. Flynn’s son, Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) goes back to the old arcade to find his father only to be transported to the Grid, the computer world where Flynn visited […]