Due Date (2010) Movie Review

Due Date is about a man named Peter (Robert Downey Jr.) who  is a high strung Architect who is having his first born baby with his wife. While in an airport getting ready to fly across the country to see his first born he meets a bumbling odd man named Ethan (Zack Galifianakis) who ruins peters chances of taking a airplane flight straight to his wife, and red flagging peter from ever taking another fight ever again. Peter must now race home from New York to Los Angeles within 4 days if he wishes to see his daughter born. But without his wallet, money, or credit cards he must put his chances back to the person who ruined the flight in the first place with Ethan who offers to help Peter get back to his family.

This movie is very reminicent of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles but if you can image the two charaters are Tony Stark from Iron Man and Alan from the Hangover. This does make for a very funny movie with non-stop laughs, a very dark humor, and both characters have a really good chemestry. This movie even has a serious side to it that is a little bit of a twist but does not impede the rythum of the film at all.

This flick deserves a solid B

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