Hunter Prey 2009 Movie Review

The starship Prometheus falls out of orbit with a escort crew and one dangerous prisoner. At the crash landing site a small group of survivors are looking to re-capture their important alien prisoner alive. With nothing but 3 soldiers armed to the teeth they must try to recapture their alien prisoner alive, but it proves harder than the thought since the prisoner has a very strong weapon of it’s own, the will to survive and a very cunning intelligence. And to make matter worse they must do it withing 100 standard hours before their pick up ship comes.

This movie was shockingly very good, from the very beginning of the movie it started off not so great because you can see the flaws from the low budget of the film. But within the first 15 minutes you will be captured by the mystery and the fun of the hunter and prey theme. But even with the low budget special effects the story is really good with above average action scenes.

This movie deserves a sold “C” grade, it is very entertaining, and worth a rental. Or you can even check it out on the Netflix instant cue.

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