28 Days (2000) Movie Review

Released: 2000

Starring: Sandra Bullock, Viggo Mortensen, & Dominic West

Directed by: Betty Thomas

After Gwen Cummings(Bullock) shows up to and ruins her sister’s wedding while drunk then crashes a stolen limousine she is sentenced to a substance rehab center for 28 days.  Although she feels that she does not have a problem she soon learns more about not only herself but of the others around her and begins to see that she can overcome her alcohol problem and can she can survive.

One of Sandra Bullock’s best roles, this character was captivating. It made you think about how easy we can fall but how worth it, it is to know you can overcome any  obstacle.  Truly moving, Bullock captures your heart with this film.

13 Going on 30 (PG-13) movie review C-

Released: 2004

Starring: Jennifer Garner & Mark Ruffalo

Directed by: Gary Winick

Jenna Rink wants to know what life would be like as popular hanging with the cool kids.  When her best friend Matt makes her a toy dream house and sprinkles it with magic dust Jenna makes a wish to be older and more popular.  Jenna (Garner) wakes up to find she is 30 years old and the star reporter for a fashion magazine.  Soon she realizes that being popular and having success isn’t the answer to a happy life. With the help of the now grown Matt(Ruffalo) Jenna changes what she has become and tries to repair the person she once was.

Garner delivers a fun and flirty story in this search of self discovery.  A teen friendly movie, this is sure to bring in laughs and make you realize what is more important in life.

Eat Pray Love movie review A-

Eat Pray Love (PG-13)

Starring: Julia Roberts

Directed by: Ryan Murphy

Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) has the perfect life,  a handsome husband, a fantastic career, a lovely home.  But one night she gives everything up to find herself and to embark on a 3 stop journey to do it.  Meeting new friends, seeing new places, and trying new foods she learns how to live her life and find the person she has always wanted to be.

This was a dramatic role for Roberts, and not what the previews made it to look like.  This was an enjoyable film if you are looking for your own answers to life.  The scenes and script are moving, the scenery was beautiful and very contrast to one another. Roberts delivers a wonderful performance of her character.  Ryan Murphy direction in this production was a wonderful taste of what the scenes had to offer.  All in all this was a very enjoyable film to experience.

Ace Venture review C+

Ace Ventura
Released: 1994
Starring: Jim Carrey & Courteney Cox Arquette
Director:  Tom Shadyac
Ace( Carrey) is in the search of the Miami Dolphins mascot dolphin Snowflake.  A serious animal activist and lover of all creature life, he is the first and only pet detective and very good at his job.  The only thing standing in his way is the un-cooperation of the Miami police force.
This was the movie that really put Jim Carrey in the spotlight.  Full of side splitting laughs it is a fun and colorful story. With  ameos from Dan Marino, Jim will continue to deliver laughs no matter the decades to come.

Brought to my attention the original Karate Kid Series is out of order

Don’t get me wrong I love the original Karate Kid Movie series but it has been brought to my attention from another fan that the series is completely out of order.

In Karate kid one, Daniel Larusso moves to a new city and goes to a new high school where the bullies know Karate from an evil Dojo the Cobra Kai and gets man handled everyday at school. He receives help from his landlord Mr. Miyagi who teaches Daniel old school Karate and over comes the bullies in a city wide Karate tournament.

In Karate Kid II, Daniel travels with Mr. Miyagi to Okinawa because Miyagi’s father is dying, you learn about Mr. Miyagis past as Daniel gets pulled in to a fight with Chozen, who is Mr. Miyagi’s nemesis Sato’s nephew in an Okinawa death match for honor and a girl. Let me rephrase Okinawa DEATH MATCH where there are huge crevasses in the earth that can kill you if you fall in them!

In Karate Kid III, Daniel comes home to California where the Cobra Kai instructor John Kreese wants revenge on Daniel because after the first Karate Kid and the heavy loss in that tournament his gym in on the verge of closing. So he received help from a close friend Terry Silver and his protege student Mike Barnes to force Daniel to fight again in the KK1 Karate Tournament and to win back the Dojo’s honor while punishing Daniel physically. Daniel is scared to fight Mike Barnes and in the tournament.

Okay with the quick over view, why the hell is Daniel afraid or a Karate tournament in Karate Kid 3 he just came back from an Okinawa death match in the 2nd karate Kid! Does this make sense to anyone? If you went into the military and got shot at, would you be scared if you came back home and played paintball with some bullies? I am pretty sure this is a cake walk now, again… Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the Karate Kids and at the time it was the height of cool kid movies but who ever produced these movies should really put them back in a correct order, or maybe in the 3rd movie should of added a little more danger. Anyways that is just my opinion.

Oh and the Karate Kid: Next Generation… DOESN’T EXIST!!!

The Fighter 2010 gets an A+ Review

The Fighter” is about “Irish” Micky Ward’s (Mark Wahlberg) life as a boxer and the extreme hurdles in his life he had to endure. An over barring mother who is his manager, 6 sisters that seem to do more harm than good, and a drug addict brother named Dick Eklund (Christian Bale). The only one that fully supports him is his new girlfriend Charlene Fleming (Amy Adams) who is a real no nonsense kind of girl who believe that Micky can do anything he wants.

This movie was great from start to finish, if you are looking for a movie only about action in the ring, then this movie is definitely not for you. But if you are looking for a great, based on a true story, movie then this is the perfect treat. Perfectly unexpected film and with Mark and Christian as the main characters it’s impossible to see any acting flaws in this great movie train ride.

This movie has already picked up 3 Critic Choice awards, 2 Golden Globe Awards, 2 Screen Actor Guild awards. It is definitely a movie that should not be missed bay anyone.

Man On Fire needs a prequel!

In 2004 Denzel Washington headed a movie remake called “Man on Fire” about a broken alcoholic of a man named Creasy (Densel Washington) with a dark past who gets hired by a prestigious family in Mexico to guard their daughter Pita (Dakota Fanning). During the job Creasy becomes very close to Pita to the point where he feels he leaves his dark side completely behind and feels love in his heart. But the family’s nightmare becomes reality as Creasy is badly injured while protecting Pita and she is kidnapped and ransomed. The family and the Cartel can not come to an agreement and Creasy is out for blood and embraces his past an dark side once again.

This movie was so outstanding and even though it was a remake it was comparable if not better than the original. Christopher Walken is also in the movie as Rayburn, Creasy’s good friend and some of the things he says acknowledges Creasy’s past as a badass killer so this is my movie pick of the week that would need a prequel. Right now revenge movies are a huge hit with Man on Fire, Taken, Law Abiding Citizen, and more that if I had my personal fantasy pick of a movie being made it would be getting Denzel, and Christopher back again, maybe use some of that Tron movie magic where you can make these individuals look younger once again and a full havoc of great violence with Rayburn and Creazy. Maybe even touch on Creazy’s past and why in Man On Fire he is the way he is.

The Rock – Breaking in or Out?

Here is an odd question about the movie “The Rock” Starring Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage. The basic story is that a group of renegade Marines led by General Hummel (Ed Harris) take over Alcatraz and point missiles in the heart of San Francisco in order to force the United States to hand over millions of dollars to pay for families that have lost loved ones in the war. A group of seals, as FBI Chemist, and a Ex-British Intelligence agent must take the island back and stop Hummel from launching the missiles filled with a poison gas.


First I would like to say I really enjoyed this movie good action and great entertainment with some fun filled quotes.

The movie title should be Renegade 007, if you really think about it, Sean Connery is retaking his James Bond Role in this flick. It is about one of the best British Intelligence Secret Service in the world who was finally captured and thrown into prison for 30 years for everything he knew about the United States except James Bond United States buddy Felix is no there to help him.

One thing that bugs me about this movie is the scene when the Navy Seals, Mason, and Goodspeed arrive at Alcatraz, the go underneath the island and up into a room where Mason claims this is where he escaped. One they arrive in the room the have no choice but to allow Mason to roll through some WEIRD TUNNEL OF FIRE HE CLAIMS THAT HE NEEDED TO MEMORIZE THE TIMING, where he goes around and opens the door on the other side of the room so that the rest of the SEAL team and take down the Marines.

First of all why is there a long tube of fire in a room that has not been used for a long amount of years. And if Mason was escaping could he just used the door he opened for the SEALS? Don’t know why but this scene really GRIND MY GEARS!!!

Bram Stoker’s Dracula – What’s love got to do with it?

A figure of myth and awe the persona of Dracula always commands attention and sends imaginations flowing. While interpretations of Dracula may vary, some just destroy the mystique and allure of the character altogether. Coppolas’ film depicts Dracula as an irrational, erratic, love torn teenager whose lack of tact and control is instrumental in causing his own demise. This depiction of this figure falls far short of the diabolically deceptive, ancient and complex entity that terrifies and orchestrates the death of many in Bram stokers’ novel.

In Coppolas film, Dracula is very forceful and direct leaving almost nothing to the imagination. He repeatedly lashes out like an overemotional child; one way was by assaulting Harker with a sword within the first five minutes of having a conversation with him, apparently upset about how Jonathan was speaking of his heritage. Dracula goes as far as to gloat in Jonathans’ face by laughing at him after he is victimized by Draculas’ brides. Later in the film Dracula again exhibits his might in a vulgar display by flinging Lord Godalming and Quincey around then bursting in Lucy’s’ room while in wolf form and finishes the job he started on her. All these instances serve to paint Dracula as a mindless movie monster who is ravaging the town with no aim or reason but to kill.

Dracula in the novel is subtle and complex he never makes a move he hasn’t thought out and doesn’t lash out without proper reasoning. His time with Jonathan Harker was akin to the time a spider spends with a fly. Dracula slowly and quietly lures Jonathan in and gives little reason for his guest to ever doubt his generosity. For example, Dracula tells Jonathan early in his visit “You may go anywhere you wish in the castle, except where the doors are locked…” (21) This comment tricks and lulls Jonathan into a false sense of security because he isn’t being hindered in anyway and only Dracula knows that “all” the doors are locked and that Jonathan is already a prisoner. During Dracula’s time in London he was hard to track down and continued to feed on his initial victim in Lucy; without being seen, let alone having to result to flexing his power to get what he wanted. The novel gives the impression that Dracula is cunning beyond the years of the other characters; also he is here to stay and by the time anyone figures out what’s going on it will be too late.

The film goes on to paint Dracula as a love obsessed teenager, a conqueror who turns his back on his very beliefs and even god himself because his wife commits suicide in his absence; because of a misunderstanding. He saw Mina in the market place and she is the spitting image of his deceased wife and fell head-over-heels in love with her and began to date and woo her. When Mina returns to Jonathan to get married and leaves Dracula alone he reacts by slipping into a love sick rage and goes after Lucy and finishes killing her. These points in the movie lead to Dracula and Mina to the asylum dedicating their eternal love to one another; however, Dracula denies Mina at first because he feels that he is a monster and doesn’t want to change her into one also. He eventually gives into her persistence to be “one” with him and lets her drink his blood. By having Dracula chase this woman and being infatuated to the point that he forgets about his own safety and plans; shows him to be shortsighted and immature. The way he continues to lash out with no fore thought is one of the reasons he falls into a downward spiral that leads to his eventual demise.

Bram Stoker hints at the fact that Dracula may be lonely and the reader at times may be able to be slightly sympathetic towards him. He declares, “Yes I too can love; you yourself can tell it from the past…” (39) when his three brides accuse him of being unable to. The way he feeds on his victims also gives way to feelings that this being is looking to be closer to someone since all his methods are sensual in one way another (biting on the neck, forcing blood to be drank form his nipple, etc). In the book, spite and pride fuel Dracula’s downfall; he goes after Mina directly to hurt the men who would, “…play your brains against mine.”(287)Having done this, when he is cornered once again by the men he promises, “My revenge has just begun…” (306) and then flees to gain more time to do exactly that. The way Dracula lashes out in the novel is to gain what the men hold most dear (Mina) and pervert it to his owns designs. His pride doesn’t allow him to leave without striking a blow at the men and this becomes one of the means to his downfall; as he gives them the tool (Mina) needed to track him down.

Films can never convey or express exactly what a books intention or meaning is; they can however follow story and plot points leading to show the novelist’ work as the directors’ interpretation. Coppola took it on himself to provide story points that he thought would enhance and enrich the characters of Stokers novel. This attempt doesn’t begin to approach successful as it systematically destroys all relation to the book from the beginning title to the end credits. Instead of improving the roles he shattered all the characters personalities and uniqueness one by one. He turned a Horror novel into a love film by turning its main character into something that diminishes the idea of the ageless, mysterious and legendary icon that is “Dracula”.

by Marcel Braggs

Tron: Legacy – Review Earns a Solid B+

Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) goes missing and 20 years later Alan Bradley receives a message on his pager from Flynn from the old Flynn’s Arcade Office. Flynn’s son, Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) goes back to the old arcade to find his father only to be transported to the Grid, the computer world where Flynn visited back in 1985. The world has changed and been upgraded and is now controlled by the only thinking program, Clu (Jeff Bridges). The original peace keeper Tron is dead and it is up to Sam Flynn, Kevin Flynn, and Quorra (Olivia Wilde) to get back to the real world and stop Clu from starting a war with the real world.

This movie really had its up’s and down’s and being a huge original Tron fan at the end I felt satisfied but still a little hungry at the end. The 3D does not compare to Cameron’s Avatar movie and seemed like an after thought which is a huge let down considering the magnitude that the original Tron carried being ahead of its time. The story line was very basic and easy to follow but not very original, but then again who goes to see Tron for the heavy dramatic story. Any fan will tell you they just want the movie to be ahead of it’s time just like the original.

Viewers who have never seen the original will enjoy the movie for its complete originality just like the first one. The special effects are great even though the 3D lacked. The Disc fight scene are awesome, me personally I wish there were more and not as many action poses. The Light Cycle action is a huge plus in the movie and in my opinion the best part of the whole movie and is glad I was not let down for those scenes.

I give the movie a Slid B+, seeing Jeff Bridges and old and new was fun, the dialog was extremely entertaining and the movie as a whole left me smiling.