“RoboGeisha” Movie Review: Absolutely Ridiculous, and Absolutely Brilliant!

Two sisters named Yoshie and Kikue Kasuga are orphans who live by themselves, Kikue is a Geisha, and Yoshie is a clumsy geisha’s attendant. Both become smitten by a man named Hikaru Kageno who ask them to come over for dinner and become his prisoner to serve the rest of their lives as Robot Geisha Assassins who are one by one killing off all the politicians in Japan. But Yoshie sees the wickedness in Hikarus ways and becomes a rogue assassin from the Kageno Steel Company Group. Armed with nothing but the cybernetics put in her by Hikaru she must take down the Kageno Company and save her sister who is now her rival.

This movie was absolutley ridiculous but it is a fun movie to watch, if you are looking for a serious movie stay as far from this one as possible but te comedy is great, and every 15 minutes there is something you have never seen before. Here is a list of what you can see in this movie.

Weaponized acid boob milk spray, butts that launch ninja stars, butt blade, arm pit blades, boob Gatling gun, robot castle, flying robot castle, tank geisha, separating robot geisha who attacks with torso and legs at the same time, geisha mouth saw blade, man with punched invert face, man who gets hit so hard his head goes into his body, geisha hair missiles, did I mention BOOB GATLING GUN? Oh and there is tons more, this move was insane. So if you are looking for a comedy that is way off target but still funny then this movie is for you.

We gave the movie a “C” but gave it an “A” for ridiculous fun. If you are bored and want a ridiculous comedy check it out on Netflix.


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